Galloway Company was founded by Edwin Pierce Galloway. Ed began his career at the Galloway-West Company in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, a partnership between the Galloway and West families. Ed was instrumental in developing markets for Wisconsin dairy products from St. Louis to the east coast. In 1929, Galloway-West became a subsidiary of the Borden Company wSweetened Condensed Milkhere Ed served on the Board of Directors throughout the next decade. He was also a dairy farmer and a world-class breeder of Brown Swiss dairy cattle. The original family farm remains today as the historic Galloway House Museum and Village in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Seeking additional challenges, Ed purchased an interest in Neenah Milk Products in 1932. After retiring from the Borden Company in 1944 he devoted his full efforts to the Neenah firm. When World War II ended, his sons Ned, John, and Dick joined him. By 1955 they completed acquisition of the company, and on October 30, 1956 it was renamed Galloway Company. In the 1970s and 80s Jeff, Tod, Tim, Ted, and Patrick became the third generation of Galloways to lend their skills to the company.

Throughout the years the Neenah facility has undergone many changes. Built in 1927, the plant primarily served local retail markets. Capitalizing on their innovative manufacturing techniques and reputation for quality, the Galloways began to produce products for the bulk dairy trade in a broader market. Today, Galloway Company specializes in liquid concentrated dairy blends. It is one of the largest manufacturer of frozen dairy mixes in Wisconsin, sold through our subsidiary Classic Mix Partners. Galloway Company is also the largest producer of sweetened condensed milk in the nation. In addition, it manufactures a range of custom dairy blends that include acidified cloudifiers, alcohol cream liquor’s and other unique beverage formulations.