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Beverage Base

Galloway Company manufactures acidified dairy bases for a variety of world-wide beverage and food companies. Our technology has allowed these companies to produce cutting-edge products for a constantly changing and discerning market place.

Dairy Beverage Base Innovation

Traditionally, adding an acid to dairy destabilizes the proteins and fat, which causes the product to separate. Our innovative technology stabilizes dairy ingredients from these adverse effects, allowing our customers a greater variety of options to compete in lucrative beverage markets.

Dairy Bases Offer Versatility

Our versatile acidified dairy bases are found in carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, such as smoothies, energy drinks, juices and soft drinks. These bases provide consumers with the best of two worlds—their favorite beverage coupled with the rich flavor and creamy texture of dairy. Our base also can be used in Flavored Malt Beverages (FMBs) to produce indulgent hard sodas with an abv range of 4 percent to 6 percent.

Before Galloway Company perfected its revolutionary acidified dairy beverage base, customers were faced with costly and limited options for producing bottled, shelf-stable beverages containing milk. Our acidified dairy beverage base with a pH of 3.95 or below provides our customers a platform for producing shelf-stable beverages that require only hot fill or tunnel pasteurization.

Today’s sophisticated consumers pay attention to ingredient lists. Our acidified dairy bases also allow our customers to boast a clean label. Products can be developed where skim milk and cream can appear near the top of the ingredient list. We have the technology to offer you (and ultimately your customers) products that are filled with natural ingredients, rather than chemical stabilizers.

If you are in search of a short ingredient declaration for an existing product or have an idea for a new dairy-based product, our expert team is available to help. We are here to answer your questions about beverage requirements, blending and packaging. Let us take your good concept and make it even better!

Beverage base packaging options

Our goal is to make products to fit your need and deliver them with your exact specifications in mind.

One of the key benefits of our acidified dairy bases is their extended shelf life. Our aseptically packed products have a six-month self life, helping make your inventory management easier.

Our acidified dairy bases can be shipped in the following quantities

  • One-way aseptically packed fiber totes up to 2,400 pounds
  • Bulk tank trucks up to 48,000 pounds

Galloway Company has earned a reputation for producing high-quality products made to your exact specifications and delivered on time. Trends in the beverage industry are ever changing. Let us help you be a trend leader, not a follower. Call 920.886.2355.