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Galloway Company & Custom Formulations

Galloway Company is not your average dairy manufacturer. To us, it’s about more than offering customers a list of stock products. Within each of our core product categories, we have the ability—fueled by the drive to solve problems—to custom formulate a product to meet a customer’s exact need. And, if a customer’s process or equipment isn’t a good match for this unique product, our team will help solve those problems, too.

We partner with our customers to modify equipment, adapt processes or generate product ideas. It’s in our company DNA to never back away from a challenge and to try new things. Three of Galloway Company’s values —our Commitment to develop new processes, our ability to be Nimble and the Empowerment of our team to always improve—feed a desire to take on these challenges.

Custom Products Made for You

Our unique dairy and non-dairy products are developed with our customers’ processing systems, equipment and end products in mind. If you are seeking to match a recipe, develop a new product or be more efficient in your manufacturing process, we want to hear from you.

Examples of Galloway Company’s innovations and custom formulations:

  • In the 1950s, Galloway Company was instrumental in changing Wisconsin law so that soft serve mixes with under 10 percent butterfat could be sold in the state.
  • Our High Butterfat Sweetened Condensed Whole Milk custom product eliminates an additional step of melting and blending salted butter into sweetened condensed milk.
  • Classic Mix Partners™ non-dairy Sorbet Mix is shelf stable at room temperature, and because of our unique process, we are able to manufacture it despite its high viscosity.
  • VersaCrema™ is a concentrated cream-sugar blend that can replace perishable refrigerated cream with a longer shelf-life product at ambient temperature.
  • Our fresh refrigerated 2X® Milk may be substituted for canned evaporated milk, which has a much higher processing and packaging cost.
  • Galloway Company, using proprietary technology, is the only manufacturer in the United States to process acidified dairy bases.
  • Galloway Company was the first manufacturer in the United States to develop cream liqueur bases sold for further processing and bottling.

Process and Equipment Innovations

Along with product advancements, Galloway Company also has developed numerous innovations to streamline processes, cut down on time and costs, and improve the safety of our team and products. From the very beginning, we’ve taken the initiative to solve problems through these process and equipment innovations.

Our innovations timeline is a testament to our drive for continuous improvement.

Galloway Company offers customers more than just a product. We are a partner who brings a consultative component to every job we do. If you are trying to solve a problem or believe a process can be done faster or easier, call 920.722.7741.