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Cream Liqueur

The cream liqueur market has exploded in recent years, and Galloway Company is proud to have been part of this dynamic trend. Galloway Company has been supplying American-made cream liqueur bases to North American bottlers for more than a decade. We have become the first-choice dairy processor because of our flexibility, high quality and processing capabilities. A wide variety of beverage producers and marketers, including multinational corporations and craft distillers, have chosen us as their cream liqueur base supplier.

What is a cream liqueur base?

Galloway Company has perfected the technology to stabilize dairy components when they are mixed with alcohol. Whatever your cream liqueur beverage base need, we have or can develop a product just for you. Our beverage base options span a continuum—from a base to which our customers will add alcohol, flavors, colors or other ingredients to a complete product that will be bottled and marketed by our customer. Our bases can be mixed with Grain Neutral Spirits (GNS), rum, bourbon, vodka, Irish whiskey, tequila and wine.

Why choose Galloway Company?

Our cream liqueur beverage bases are extremely versatile and able to be used in a broad range of products. We can work directly with your formula developer or flavor supplier to create a product that matches your target exactly.

Thanks to our innovative processing technology, our cream liqueur bases allow for a variety of options:

  • We have the ability to produce neutral pH or acidified bases.
  • Finished products can have an alcohol by volume range of 12.5 percent to 18 percent.
  • We have the ability use Other Than Standard Wine (OTSW) to take advantage of excise tax benefits or to fit a necessary distribution channel.
  • We also produce acidified beverage bases for customers looking for lower ABV.

Whether you are looking for an indulgent cream liqueur or a cost-sensitive beverage, ask us how we can formulate a product to meet your needs.

We have earned a reputation for producing quality products that match your specifications every time. Our cream liqueur beverage bases can be ordered in varying quantities:

  • One-way totes (one-way or returnable) up to 2,300 pounds
  • Bulk tanker loads

More than a beverage base supplier

We do more than supply you with an outstanding beverage base. We will help you enter and navigate the lucrative cream liqueur market. We have fostered long-standing relationships with suppliers of flavors, labels and bottles, as well as co-packers, so that you can trust us to work side by side with you from concept development through product pricing and packaging. We also will walk you through Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) regulations.

The cream liqueur market is growing and changing, as flavors, colors, textures and packaging are introduced along with new products. Let us be your trusted partner to help you compete and win in this thriving market. Call 920.886.2355.