Three Generations of Quality Dairy Ingredient Processing Experience!

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Galloway Company is a leader in innovative liquid processing of concentrated dairy blends and sweetened condensed milk. We are the largest manufacturer of frozen dairy dessert mixes in Wisconsin (which are sold through our subsidiary Classic Mix Partners, LLC).

Galloway Company is also the largest sweetened condensed milk producer in the nation. We are a leader in the manufacture of innovative dairy bases for the
beverage industry. Our capabilities include:

Ice Cream Mixes
Ice cream & Soft Serve
Custard Supplier
Gelato Supplier
Sorbet Supplier
Custom Formulations

Sweetened Condensed Milk
Sweetened Condensed Whole Milk
Sweetened Condensed Skim Milk
Candy Mixes
Evaporated Milk
Sweetened Dairy Blends

Beverages Bases
Protein Beverage Bases
Acidified Dairy Beverage Bases
Alcoholic Beverage Bases
Healthy Beverage Bases
Sports/Recovery Beverages

All of these products are made on processing equipment that is unique in the industry, state of the art in design, and makes extensive use of computer control to assure minimal variation and maximum flexibility. These capabilities allow Galloway Company to provide high Quality product, excellent Service, and world class Innovation.

When our customers think of Galloway Company, we want them to see us as the "Supplier of Choice" by fully serving their needs and expectations.