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Custom Formulations

Classic Mix Partners does not limit our customers by selling only stock formulations. We pride ourselves on years of experience developing unique products to meet your needs and the tastes and desires of your customers. If you do not see a product listed or if you have a creative recipe you want to match, we would like to be your partner in developing a custom formulation just for you.

Custom formulations for any product

We develop unique recipes by guiding you through the entire formulation process. We take into consideration more than just the ingredients and the product’s taste and texture. We also will have a conversation with you about:

  • Matching the formula to the type of equipment you will use to make the product.
  • The ingredients you plan to use to flavor the product.
  • How the product will be dispensed.
  • How the product will be packaged.
  • How the product will be stored.
  • The product’s distribution channel.
  • How the product will be merchandised.

Custom formulations are available for any one of our six product lines:

While we may be known for our dairy formulas, we have the ability to make fluid non-dairy formulas for a variety of uses, inside and outside the food industry.

More than just custom recipes

Our ability to customize your product goes beyond the formula’s ingredients. If you have specifications on any of the following, just ask.

  • Our minimum batch size can go as low as 500 gallons, depending upon the product.
  • We have many packaging options available.
  • We make products for:
    • Shake machines
    • Soft serve machines
    • Batch freezers
    • Modified continuous freezers
    • Continuous freezers
    • And products that are quiescently frozen

Let our custom formulation be your success

Classic Mix Partners custom formulations have proven success. In one case, we partnered with a customer who wanted to replicate an old family recipe while meeting small batch size requirements. We listened to this customer’s needs and consulted on how to recreate the recipe that was a significant part of the family history. This customer has since grown from a small ice cream shop to a manufacturing facility, due in part to this custom product.

We can help you, too. The 35 formulations we make on a regular basis outpace those of other dairies, which make six to 10 formulas regularly. And, if we cannot meet your specifications within any of those 35 formulas, we can make a custom formulation for you (with minimum batch requirements).

Contact Classic Mix Partners today at 800.722.8903.