Sweetened Condensed Whole Milk

Features and Capabilities

Sweetened Condensed Whole Milk is the technical name for what is commonly known as Sweetened Condensed Milk. These products provide butteSweetened Condensed Milkr fat and dairy protein with enough sugar to preserve them at room temperature for over one month or refrigerated for two months. In order to be considered SCM a product must contain at least 8% BF and 28% Total Milk Solids (TMS). Galloway Company makes three standard SCM products:

76% - This product provides the greatest amount of dairy fat and protein, and total solids of any regularly available SCM. This results in less packaging, sugar and freight per pound of dairy solids. The standard formulation is 8.5% BF, 24% MSNF and 43.5% sugar.

73% - This product is similar to canned product found in stores or in foodservice. It is often used in recipes derived from canned SCM manufacturers or cookbooks. The standard formulation is 8.25% BF, 20% MSNF and 44.75 % sugar.

Pie Formula Additional whey protein and protein stabilizer makes this product perfect for pies by providing enhanced body and texture. The standard formulation is 8.25% BF, 19.5% MSNF, 3.25% whey solids and 45% sugar.

Packaging fill weights

Tank trucks - Up to 48,000#
1000-liter totes Up to 2800#
55-gallon steel or fiber drums Up to 600#
5-gallon pail Up to 55#