Sweetened Condensed Skim Milk
Sweetened Skim Dairy Blend


Sweetened Condensed Skim Milk

This product is a nonfat version of SCM. It is used when the fat source is provided by the customer, or is not needed. If proper levels of vitamin A are added the product can be referred to as SCS. If not, the product must be called by another name ours is Sweetened Skim Dairy Blend. Galloway Company regularly produces two variations:

70% - The composition of this product is 28% MSNF and 42% sugar.

72% - This product has more skim milk solids for greater value and longer shelf life. It has a composition of 30% MSNF and 42% sugar.

Packaging fill weights

Tank trucks - Up to 48,000#
1000-liter totes Up to 2800#
55-gallon steel or fiber drums Up to 600#
5-gallon pail Up to 55#