Non Alcoholic Beverage Bases


Non Alcoholic Beverage Blends

The acidified dairy base developed by Galloway has proven for years that milk can be stable in a high acid environment. This versatile product is the basis for a wide range of cutting edge beverages currently found in the marketplace. Whether it is a Smoothie, Energy Drink, Juice based product, Carbonated Soft Drink or one designed to meet the tough new standards for children, our dairy bases can make a good concept better. When looking to use dairy as an innovative ingredient, don't limit your imagination to beverages. Our base has been used to create wonderful Salad Dressings, Dips, Sauces and Marinades. Let Galloway Company help get your creative juices flowing!

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Prior to the development of the Galloway acidified dairy base, the only way to bottle a shelf stable beverage containing milk was with retort processing or aseptic packaging. Both are costly and have limited availability. With the development of a dairy base that has a pH of 3.95, Galloway provides the vehicle for a broad range of beverages that only require hot fill or tunnel pasteurization to be shelf stable.

Our team of experienced dairy experts are always available to assist in product development. We can assist with any question that may arise, from blending to packaging to alcoholic beverage requirements.
Non Alcoholic Beverage Blends
The beverage combinations that can be made with our acidified dairy base, both non-alcoholic or alcoholic, are virtually endless. Any beverage flavor that works in a high acid environment can benefit from the addition of the Galloway acidified dairy base. The product potential in the RTD malt beverage market is very exciting.

What goes on the ingredient label is becoming increasingly critical to the success of a product with today's sophisticated consumer. Terms like Skim Milk and Cream are much more appealing than a list of stabilizers that sound like they came from a chemistry experiment.

Ask us how we can custom engineer a dairy product to meet your specific needs. Whether your goal is an indulgent cream liqueur or a great tasting, cost sensitive beverage to meet the new challenges of the school lunch program, Galloway has an answer. Our bases can be utilized at various cost effective levels in the final product.

Galloway is conveniently located in the center of the US, giving our customers the very best shipping advantages, particularly for national roll-outs.

The Galloway acidified dairy base can be purchased in 53 gallon aseptically packed drums; 212 gallon aseptically packed totes or shipped in bulk tankers as fresh product. Our aseptically packed products have a six month shelf life, making inventory management a snap.

Innovation is the key to success in today's fast paced beverage market. Let Galloway help you become a market leader. As the market continues to move towards healthy beverages, dairy beverages are leading the way. Galloway has the answers to making healthy beverages practical to bring to the market.

Our new gassing technology turns an average beverage into an indulgent beverage. Again, we always target our innovation drive towards practical application. Let us show you how.