Cream Liqueurs


Cream Liqueur Bases

The cream liqueur market continues to be a strong growth market segment. Galloway can help your company develop products to compete in this lucrative market.

The Galloway Company received it's DSP over a decade ago and has been supplying American made cream liqueur bases to North American customers ever since.  More companies are looking to Galloway as their source of cream liqueur bases than ever before because of changes in importing regulations, the elimination of restitution in Europe and the increasing costs of transportation.

Galloway produces a wide variety of cream liqueur bases to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. We can make bases with GNS, Rum, Bourbon, Vodka, Irish Whiskey, Tequila and even Wine.

Neutral pH bases can be used to make cream liqueur products with an abv of 12.5% to 20%. Our acidified dairy base can be used to make beverages with an abv as low as 4%.

For more information, call Mark Gottsacker at 920-209-0868.

Our neutral pH cream liqueur bases are designed to be extremely versatile in a broad range of products. We have one customer who uses one common base from Galloway to produce over 20 different products.

Our neutral pH cream liqueur bases will allow you to bring a finished product to market with a proof range of 25 to 36.  We can make a base using as much as 49% OTSW to take advantage of the excise tax benefits available or make a base that fits into the wine category take fit into the distribution channel that you need. 

Ask us how we can custom engineer a dairy product to meet your specific needs. Whether your goal is an indulgent cream liqueur or a great tasting, cost sensitive beverage to meet the challenges of your market, Galloway Company has an answer. Our bases can be utilized at various cost effective levels in the final product.

Galloway is conveniently located in the center of the US, giving our customers the very best shipping advantages, particularly for national roll-outs.

Making life simple for our customers is the goal at Galloway. You can order the product in 1,000 liter totes or in bulk tanker loads. We can produce an order to your exact specifications in quantities as low as 8 totes.

If you are an alcoholic beverage company, let us show how easy it is to enter the lucrative cream liqueur market. Galloway has been producing cream liqueurs in the US for over a decade. Using the highest quality ingredients available in the world, Galloway has earned a reputation for quality, dependability, accuracy and fast delivery. With our long standing relationships in the industry, Galloway can help you with concept development, final product costing, TTB issues, and packaging resources.

Consumer preferences for flavors, color, texture and packaging are constant changing. Galloway can help you to lead the trend, not follow it.